• Picnic Day in the Winters!

    Winters are never welcome without picnic. All students at RGS Gurukulam had a lovely picnic – kids got a chance to celebrate the Christmas as well !!

  • Four Winds Asia Camp – Day 2

    Second day of camp was done with more vigour and enthusiasm as 15 blood donors lined up for blood donation. There was free health check as well as dance performances.…

  • Four Winds Asia Camp – Day 1

    Four Winds Asia camp has started at RGS Gurukulam. More details about the event can be found here.   A glimpse of all the happenings straight from RGS Gurukulam. Day…

  • RGS Gurukulam Students Participating in Four Winds Asia Camp at Shatan Ashram

    RGS Gurukulam students have been highly enthusiastic and participated in the Four Winds Asia event happening at RGS Gurukulam grounds. You can read more details about the event here. Below…

  • Vaccination Program organized for students

    A vaccination program was organized for the students in month of August.

  • Yoga classes and Surya Namaskar Practiced by Students

    The kids of RGS Gurukulam start their day with suryanamaskar and yoga activities. Here are a few shots from the daily session that happens at our school. The kids are…


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