Four Winds Asia Camp – Day 3

Its the third day of the Four Winds Asia camp in RGS Gurukulam. What started as a small fire is now burning as a bright forest fire.


Kids from our school. We are so proud of them

Posted by Swamini Anuradha Puri on Thursday, December 6, 2018

In the video above, we find the students of RGS Gurukulam put together a brilliant performance.

The third day of the camp started with health camp and morning prayers. There was a magician show, lunch and then there was a huge arrangement for food distribution (Nara Narayan Seva).

Following the 50th foundation day of Shatan Ashram, 400 blankets were distributed to the needy people. Thanks to all the support from the friends and followers of our ashram. More details about this has been provided here.

Below is the full image gallery: