Sponsor A Child

Would You Like To Become the Ray Of Hope for a ‘not so fortunate’ Child ?

Would you like to sponsor the education of a child?

Would you like to have a godchild of your own and be able to monitor his journey and progress throughout a year?

Are you concerned if your contribution will really be put to the right use?

What if you could monitor your godchild’s progress and journey from an online portal?

Would you like to have a video call and talk with the child whom you are supporting?

This is a unique opportunity for the big hearted, loving and caring people all over India who are looking to sponsor a child’s education and also be able to monitor their progress online. RGS Gurukulam is a school for all such dropout underprivileged kids from Dumka, India who are looking for a ray of hope from people like you. Your sponsorship would mean a one year support for one child (we call as godchild) in covering his/her educational basic needs. More details are shared below. Your contributions are also tax exempted. (We give you a certificate as well)

The Kids of RGS Gurukulam


Who are we and why is RGS Gurukulam different ?

RGS Gurukulam, a unit of Shatan Ashram situated in Dumka, Jharkhand is a social educational institution for the dropout and not so fortunate children that not only aims to create good students but better human beings. Read more about us in our website.

RGS Gurukulam is the only institution in India which is trying to build a education curriculum that is a fusion of the Finnish style of education and ancient Indian Vedic way of learning, also known as ‘Gurukulam’.

The kids of the school come from poor family background, but are highly creative and quick learners.

How do we know everything said here is true?

RGS Gurukulam, is a unit of Shatan Ashram which is a registered NGO under Niti Aayog India. So you can be sure about the authenticity of our actions and that your funds shall be used only for the best of the cause. Read more details about Shatan Ashram here.

Swami Atmananda Puri, who is the founder of RGS Gurukulam has been travelling to Finland to gather more attention towards the underprivileged kids of India. His actions have also been recognized by the Govt of Jharkhand. He was recently awarded with the ‘Socio-Spiritual Award‘ by the Welfare Minister of Jharkhand for his outstanding contribution towards social welfare and spiritual development of the state of Dumka. You can read more details here.

The children of RGS Gurukulam are taught to develop holistically through yoga, free vedic arts, sports and interactive ways of learning that not only makes them good students, but also good responsible human beings for the days to come. Have a look at our Activities section to see a glimpse of the same. Also, we have teachers from Finland supporting our school who are helping us develop a unique curriculum that is a fusion of the Indian vedic education system and the finnish education pattern (considered to be the best in the world).

Why would you sponsor a child?

Thats a question very difficult to answer. Truly speaking, your support only helps glow a light in the lives of the ‘not so fortunate’ children from the remote part of India. Education is their only ray of hope. You are making that noble endeavour to shape up the life of such a kid with a promise towards proper schooling. The kids come from families who are not proficient enough to pay for their education fees.

Essentially this means that the kids are forced to work and be away from education, even if they are not willing to do so. That’s where you come in. Your sponsorship only keeps the dream alive for all such children.


How do we use your sponsored amount?

Your contribution basically plays a major role in the holistic development of the child. School stationery, uniforms, tuition fees, mid day meals and lot of miscellaneous expenditures are covered by you. You are no less than a parent for the child you are supporting!

Essentially your support for a year helps the child to have access to books, stationery, mid day meals, uniforms and tuition fees for a year!

What is the cost of sponsoring a child?

The cost of sponsorship is around INR 10k a year, that’s essentially less than 1k a month. Ideally that should not be more than two to five percent of your salary, sometimes can be much lesser than that too. By committing this generous amount every month, you are essentially committing for a greater noble cause for the society. For most of us, this amount is worth a movie ticket and some KFC chicken.

How do you track if your money is being used for the right cause?

Yes, we hear you. Thats why we are using the online platform to connect you with your sponsored child (we call godchild). Once you complete the sponsorship payment, we send you an email to sign up in our RGS Gurukulam website as registered sponsor.

Once you log in to your account, you will see a section (Sponsored Child Information) which shows the information about the child whom you have sponsored for a year. We will periodically update that section with facts about your child. Information like report cards, videos, one to one messages that makes you feel all the more personal and connected with the child whom you are supporting. This way we make sure that you are not just supporting someone anonymous – you are in fact supporting a human being to succeed in life. Also there will be option for you to connect with the child, so you can even propose for a timing and set up a video call with the child. Our school is slowly developing its infrastructure, and in the future there will be more ways to communicate with your godchild through our online platform itself.

Also you can regularly read updates about whats happening in RGS Gurukulam blog.

In case you feel like discontinuing the support, we just request you to let us know with a one month notice, so we can plan accordingly.


Some images from the school:


And hereby take a pledge to light a ray of hope in the lives of the children for whom education can become the only way for a better life ahead.

In the next screen you shall be redirected to payment. Once payment is completed successfully, we will email you with your login details where you can monitor your godchild and see how your funds are being put to use every month.


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