Vedic Arts

RGS Gurukulam is the only institution in India where the students are taught about Vedic arts and they actively practise this form of art. The paintings done as a result of this form of art is a product of deep meditation and has been also displayed in art galleries in Finland. This form of art is a very old principle of India and was practised by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to explore this form of art to its truest potential but has been embraced by countries like Finland.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who spread transcendental meditation and Vedic science in the West, passed 17 principles of Vedic art to Swedish artist Curt Kallman in the 1980s.” Based on that, Kallman developed a method of spontaneous painting. The 17 principles are not written anywhere, but are used in the creative process and taught directly to the students.

Please find some live videos from RGS Gurukulam where the students are seen drawing after a state of deep meditation.

Vedic Arts In School
Kids Drawing After Deep Meditation

These arts have later been displayed in art gallery in Finland