World Earth Day Observed At RGS Gurukulam

Today, on the occasion of World Earth Day, a seminar was organized between Acharya and Students on the topic of current world condition and how to improve the earth in RGS Gurukulam conducted by Satan Ashram. Principal Shri Milan Kumar Mandal gave detailed information to all the students present about the environment of the earth. Acharya Shri Tapas Das discusses how day by day climate change on earth and how it is impacting our lives.

8th grade student Mirila Soren and 6th grade student Anjali Kumari presented her statement on how to save the earth from global warming. Sixth grade students Tushar Kumar, Dharmbir Goswami and Raghubir Goswamy expressed their views on how to love and protect our earth. Finally everyone took an oath to make the earth greener by planting trees every year to prevent current climate change. In this seminar, all the teachers and students of class sixth, seventh and eighth participated

Tushar Kumar – “The forests are the lungs of our land, which purify the air and give strength to the people.

“Dharmbir Goswami – “Earth is the only home that protects us”

Raghuvir Goswami – “The earth gives us food, keeping it safe is our religion”

Anjali Kumari – “Earth laughs in flowers. “

Mirila Soren – “Earth is like our mother, respecting her is our religion. “