Latika Chawda

Latika Chawda

Yoga, Pranayama and Agnihotra Teacher

Latika Chawda is Yoga, Pranayama and Agnihotra Yagya teacher in RGS Gurukulam. She is founder at Indian Translators group (ITG). She is pursuing Ph.D. from Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya both located at Maharashtra, India BHARAT at present. She is a passionate translator and a Polyglot working in Hindi, English, French, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Marathi, Kutchi, Sindhi, Bundeli, Brajbhasha and Marwadi. Her first translated book “Bharat se Patra” (English-Hindi) was published from Belgrade, Serbia. Her other translated books ‘Shanti Niketan: Bhaag 2’, ‘Maharashtra na Sadhu-Santo’ part of a Book ‘Mandir Pravesh ane Shastro’, ‘Mission Bastar: Prem ane Jung’ are soon to be published. Her other translated articles published in magazines are also to her credit. She is also founder of “Hindi ki Pathshala” a mission and workshop for the improvement of Hindi and Indian languages amongst Indians. She is a keen lover of languages and hence helping students learn languages through the webinars she is conducting “How to be multilingual”. Her only passion for languages made her anchor national Conferences, Fashion-shows, academic sessions and cultural programs in Sanskritized Hindi. She has six years of experience (as an intern) in teaching Hindi to foreign students at MGAHV, Wardha. She also served as a lecturer of Commerce at New Arts and Commerce College, Wardha during 2009-2011.

She has been a Rangoli artist since her childhood, and won various Rangoli competitions at district and national level. Her Floral and Realistic Rangoli had been the cover page of magazine “Alia Mundi” published from Belgrade, Serbia. Bosnian and Croatian translations of her poetry have been published in Bosnian magazines online. Her recent article on benefits of speaking Sanskrit language has been published on French website ‘Kalyan’. She is also a Calligrapher in English and Hindi. She has also started as a voice-over artist and has given voices to various projects at and other individual projects from India and abroad. She had been a Rifle Shooter in NCC during her college days and won the Best Girl Cadet Award. She also won various awards for her literary contribution in books and magazines national and international.

Latika took initiation from 1008 Mahamandaleshwar P.Pu.Sant Shri Indradeveshwaranand Saraswati ji Maharaj in 2010. She learnt Agnihotra Yagya from her H.H. Shri Gurudev ji and it has been nine years they are performing Agnihotra during the morning and evening at their home regularly. She, with her mother Mrs Reeta Chawda is also serving society by performing Yagya at various auspicious occasions at peoples’ homes without taking Dakshina across the cities in India. Agnihotra Yagya is not just confined to India but it is being performed in European, African countries at large too and hence, it’s her aim to disseminate Agnihotra Yagya under the slogan “Ghar-Ghar Yagya, Har Ghar Yagya” to every person, no matter what caste, creed or religion they belong to.

Being a Yoga Instructor at Patanjali Yoga Samiti, she has been conducting various Yoga Camps since 2018 under the banner Latika’s Bal Yoga Kaksha. She conducted Yoga Shivirs for children during pandemic and helped them learn various new arts, skills and achieve their goals. She is a mentor at Strotanjali Sanskar Organization and Geetokt e-Pathshala, both institutions on its missions to inculcate Sanatan knowledge and sanskars to children throughout the country. She conducted various webinars on the topic related to languages, translation and Panchgavya Therapy during pandemic and is continuing till date in all these fields.