Thanks For Sponsoring

Thank you so much for your contribution.

We at RGS Gurukulam are thankful and highly value your generosity. We warmly extend our hand to welcome you into our family.

You are the ray of light for one of the many underprivileged kids who could become a great resource for our country in the days to come.

It is your contribution and commitment towards a child that makes a difference in the entire family of the student whom you have just sponsored for.

How do you track and be sure of what is happening from here on?

Yes, we hear you. Now that you have just sponsored a child, nothing is anonymous anymore. We request you to kindly sign up with your email from the link here (if not done already).

Once you log in to your account, you will see a section (Sponsored Child Information) which shows the information about the child whom you have sponsored for a year. We will periodically update this section with facts about your child. Information like report cards, videos, one to one messages that makes you feel all the more personal and connected with the child whom you are supporting.

This way we make sure that you are not just supporting someone anonymous – you are in fact supporting a human being to succeed in life. Also there will be option for you to connect with the child, so you can even propose for a timing and set up a video call with the child. Our school is slowly developing its infrastructure – so this might not happen immediately but we will leave you a message with date and time when we can connect you with the child.