Blood Donation Camp in RGS Gurukulam

Today, a voluntary blood donation camp was organized at Dumka Blood Bank “In the service of Pregnant mothers suffering from anemia” under the aegis of “Kamala Seva Sadan” run by Shatan Ashram. The chief operator of the camp, Swami Atmananda of Satan Ashram started the camp by donating his blood and dedicated the said blood for the service of the pregnant mothers suffering from anemia of Dumka district.

In his short speech he told due to lack of nutrition in Dumka district many pregnant mothers suffer in anemia and they have to face many problems during the time of delivery that is why we organized this camp to strengthen the stock of blood fund of Dumka Blood Bank.

On his call, many youths of Dumka took part and donated their blood under the leadership of Shri Jatin Kumar, a youth social worker of NIFA organization of Dumka in that camp. Dumka District Sports Officer Shri Kailash Ram and Dumka Municipal Council President Shri Mati Sweta Jha were present as special guests in this camp and Red Cross Society Secretary Shri Amarender Yadav and Joint Secretary Shri Manoj Ghosh were present as guests. Shri Kailash Ram and Smt. Sweta Jha honored by giving certificates and mementos to all the successful blood donors on behalf of Kamala Seva Sadan and encouraged everyone.

To make this camp successful, Dumka Blood Bank’s Medical Officer cum In-charge Dr. Devashish Rakshit and Laboratory Technician Wahid Rajaz, Kajal Kumar, Anees Kumar, Kumudini Kisku Ramprakash Pandit and all other officers were present. A total of 17 units of blood were collected from this camp in the blood bank. In this camp, the guidelines of Covid- 19 were completely accepted and the entire Blood Bank was sanitized by Shatan Ashram before starting. Rakesh Kumar Saha, Prakash Ranjan Saha, Vikram Singh, Tapas Saha, Jatin Kumar, Sumant Kumar, Ajit Kumar, Anshu Gupta and all other youth donated blood in this camp.