Mayurakshi River Cleanliness Drive from RGS Gurukulam Students

Today, on 14/03/2021, student of class VIII of RGS Gurukulam and the Teachers carried out a cleanliness drive in bank of Mayurakshi river at Kumarabad Village. This Mayurakshi river bank which has been going for years to roam and picnic near Dumka residents. To see the sunset in the evening, it will be famous in Dumka. But some anti-social mindsets mess up this delectable place and walk away, breaking the empty bottle of alcohol.

Two months ago, the villagers of Kumarabad also cleaned the site and writing a board to keep the common man clean, yet a month ago, the Birla Cement Company and the alleged educated persons went back to messing up again after having a picnic. When this came to the notice of Pawan Kumar, a class VIII student of the Gurukulam, he kept his mind and told the Principal of Gurukulam to clean again and today all the students of the Class VIII under the leadership of the Principal Acharya again cleaned the river bank. Pawan Kumar said that this earth is our mother who gives us everything. To make them messy means to mess up your conceiving mother.

On this occasion, Principal Acharya of RGS Gurukulam, Mr. Milan Kumar Mandal appealed to all Dumka residents to keep the site clean and tidy. Swami Atmananda, the managing trustee of the Satan Ashram present with him, announced a medal and honorary certificate to all the students and Acharya Gana for this sacred work.