New Transformer Added To RGS Gurukulam’s Premises (Courtesy: JVNL)

There was a long old problem with electricity in and around the adjoining village area of Dumka where Shatan Ashram is situated. Sometimes the cause was due to rains and thunders, while other times it was village politics. Every other day either the branches of a tree fell down, or wires being snapped off became a reason for electricity failures.
This was constant suffering for the ashramites and also a regular cause of concern for the kids studying in RGS Gurukulam.
It was around 2 weeks back when JVNL‘s ( Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited ) Joint Engineer Mr Pankaj Kumar, had visited Shatan Ashram and had taken cognizance of the work that we were doing. Swami Atmananda explained him about this regular problem of electricity and the consequences of the same for students.
Mr Pankaj Kumar, took this matter with utmost prevalence and did let Swamiji know that he will do something to resolve this problem. He gave the offer to provide a separate transformer dedicated to the Ashram. Normally such transformers come with a huge cost of 1.5-2 lakhs INR. However, seeing the noble work being done by Swamiji for the past few years, he decided to do all of this for a mere installation charge of INR 25000 only.
Normally, people do make such promises but seldom do they remember. But this was an exception. JVNL have already started working on installing the poles and transformers in Shatan Ashram’s premises.
We on behalf of Shatan Ashram are extremely happy and would like to extend our gratitude to JVNL and Mr Pankaj Kumar for taking such a drastic step in mitigating one of the biggest challenges in ashram campus.
Installation of new transformers in progress