Online Classes in RGS Gurukulam due to coronavirus

The present situation is not absolutely favourable to coming to school. So, our teachers have decided to start online teaching. A whatsapp group has been created for this purpose and teachers are using it to communicate with the students for daily homework, assignments and any other help. Videos shall also be prepared to explain them certain topics.

Our Principal created the whats app group with the parents. We are trying to reach almost every one and as the mid day meal is closed, our Gurukulam will use that fund to pay one month internet money to the parents so that they can be connected with us. To recharge their phone they don’t need to go any shop. RGS Gurukulam is taking care of all that.

RGS Gurukulam has already taken the first step to go online in times when social distancing is a must.

You can also join our whatsapp teaching group by following the link below. Please type in ‘Pranaam’ and join our group from the link below: