Sandip Rooj

Sandip Rooj, 22 yrs old, completed his graduation from S.K.M University, Dumka in the year 2017. He is currently working as a Assistant Teacher in RGS Gurukulam. His ambition is to become a teacher. Being a good teacher he wants to teach those students who are actually needy and weak to help them prosper in life. He loves to help the students as far as possible. His favourite subjects are English, Hindi, Science and Computer. He is very happy to give his services as a teacher in this school.

Sandip feels RGS Gurukulam as his family, and believes that the students are just like his brothers and sisters.He loves to teach students in a simple and easy manner so they can grasp and understand all of it. Apart from studies, he also engages the students in extra activities like singing, painting and debates. Sandip is very proud to be a part of RGS Gurukulam and wishes to give his best for the ideal growth of the school.


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